Eco Joists

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Eco joist

Eco Joists

Eco Joists are an alternative structural flooring system, with the advantages of timber use. This all combines to add flexibility to the construction process.Eco Joists combine timber and steel joists with steel web plates to form an open web design. Eco Joists eliminate costly cutting and drilling when installing services, including mechanical ventilation and heat recovery systems.

This first class Gang-Nail system consists of parallel stress-graded timber flanges, joined together with engineered V-shaped galvanized steel webs.

The webs are fixed to the flanges using the nailplated zones at the top and bottom.

The Eco joist System offers:

  • Sizes compatible with those of solid joists – no need for expensive drawing changes
  • Virtual elimination of shrinkage – no more call backs!
  • Excellent access for plumbers and electricians – no need for cutting and notching!
  • Generous nailing surface for decking and plasterboard fixings