Glulam Beams

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glulam beams

Glulam Beams

We are suppliers of the precisely engineered, load-bearing Glulam Beams System with in Loxwood on the edge of Billingshurst, West sussex. This load bearing material is fabricated by using finger-jointing stress graded timber sections in lengths prior to planning and then bonding together with similar sized members with the grain in the longitudinal direction.

They are ideal for producing curved and shaped sections, including arches. The high strength of glulam beams allows them to stretch long distances without the need for intermediate columns. ‘Glulam’ stands for Glued Laminated Timber, at its simplest level glulams are pieces of wood gluded together.

There are many benefits in opting for Glulam Beams, including:

  • Complete design freedom allowing shapes to be produced which is not possible with other materials
  • Cost effective – especially when compared to concrete or steel
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Good fire resistance
  • Light to handle and transport
  • Very large spans are possible
  • Environmentally friendly compared to concrete and steel