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Another great testimonial

I am very grateful and really appreciate the amazing professional service and quality of interaction and design drawings I received from you. This was an absolutely dream partnership for a self-builder. Your pre-sales and sales were absolutely fantastic. The interpretation of the design from my architects drawings into detail drawings were exceptionally well understood and spot on – so a big thank you to Sean, having access directly to the designer was such a bonus. The joists not only arrived on time but getting the laminated plan just was again a sign of that you guys really think from concept to implementation – keeping the installer in mind. It went smoothly for us and all the joists were up (manually lifted to 6 metre height) and in place within 3 hours. didn’t even have the drawings – as a result I was kept wondering how they would fit them. With your drawings I could visualise and the fit went perfect! Thank you so much. I will definitely be ordering my next lot and also the floor joists from you in January for the next phase of the build.
Lakh Gill