Timber Frame Construction

Timber Frame construction

Timber Frame Construction

Whilst no building can ever be described as totally ‘environmentally friendly’, timber frame construction homes come the closest – and have done so since the 12th Century – (Quote from the Timber & Brick Information Council).

In today’s market, timber frame construction is fast becoming established as THE method of construction that positively answers many current environmental issues and concerns facing both builders and developers alike. Many of us don’t know how to achieve lower running costs, improve well being and reduce our environmental footprint when it comes to designing and building new sustainable homes.

SHMdirect Manufacturing are at the forefront of this technology. We use the best slow-grown, Scandinavian, PEFC sourced, sustainable timber for the construction of all our frames and trusses. By using a timber framed structure you will be joining numerous builders and developers who already appreciate the multitude of benefits that this form of off-site fabrication brings.

These days, ‘timber-frame’ is at the heart of a gradual move away from so-called ‘traditional’ wet trade construction towards modern and efficient building methods appropriate for the twenty-first century and beyond. More of the construction work is undertaken in the factory under controlled conditions, leaving less to be done on site. Not only does this make the build process quicker, but it also ensures a greater degree of accuracy.

Exceptional levels of insulation and air-tightness can be incorporated into the structure, a powerful argument as the financial and environmental cost of energy continues to rise. With a timber-frame structure you will be able to use the growing resource of modern, multi-skilled operatives, as skilled, traditional trade craftsmen are gradually becoming scarcer over the years. These are some of the factors that influence decision making at project planning stage and explain why timber-frame is becoming the first choice of many, and is clearly here to stay.

Staff at SHMdirect Manufacturing have been associated with the design and manufacture of timber frame construction buildings for over 20 years and therefore have the confidence and experience to supply timber-framed structures to suit most building projects. All our structures are professionally engineered to support all specified loads.

In addition, engineering documentation is available for NHBC and/or Local Authority approval. Our structures can incorporate factory-made wall panels, loose joisted floors, floor cassettes, trussed rafters or cut and pitched roofs. However, post and beam, Glulam frames, I-beams and other innovative forms of timber engineering can also be accommodated. Our aim is to tailor specifications to suit your requirements and budgetary considerations.